Escante Lingerie is Discontiuned!!


But, no worries, it has been replaced by SEVEN til MIDNIGHT - a huge and sexy collection at moderate prices!

A taste of Escante Lingerie:

Escante Lingerie is enchanting and sexy, and it has finally got its debut in Europa.
The collection offers a series of sweet and sexy designs, with a touch of "the southern spirit" you'll find in the Mediterranean and other sunny locations. Escante Lingerie is the choice for shops,  who want to bring that atmosphere to their customers at a price they can afford. 

Style 20246 - sexy shiny suit with hose Style 49072 - the pirate is coming Lovely big girls - 27793x and 29572x style 27779H - formal wear has never been more sexy!
49021H - cute mistress with whip Sexy strappy dress style 26320H - with hose Asian sensation look - chemise with G-string style 27334 27779 H - disco and club dress with wired cups for a perfect fit


Note that it is just a small preview of the large Escante Lingerie collection. Escante has

much more to offer, also Large size lingerie. Check also our NEWS section, with the

latest offers and news about our many lingerie brands. Be sure to contact us and get

the whole package - we can fulfill almost every wish you must have for your lingerie shop.